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|ˈvɪ.ʃəs ˈve.nəm |


We believe that form, function and quality are not mutually exclusive. That waterproof can be beautiful. Opulent. 

We have made it our mission to give people the confidence to walk through the rain with their valuables. The confidence to bring their laptop to the beach and not have to worry about the tide coming in.  The confidence to walk into any establishment after a workout - with wet gear in tow - knowing they look great.  

We want to give peace of mind and the freedom to be spontaneous. The freedom of living without limitations.  We want to inspire and empower people to explore, experience and journey. To live boldly and confidently no matter the elements. 



We believe in originality and are dedicated to innovation.  To constantly push the boundaries of utility and fashion.  


Our creations are unrestrained by genre, gender, culture, or trend. We design and create for all. 


VICIOUSVENOM bags are PVC free, vegan-friendly + cruelty-free.   

In addition, by integrating a removable lining into our waterproof designs, bag cleaning becomes so easy that we hope to encourage people to abandon the use of single-use plastic bags. 

Please join us on our journey + Create less waste.


A newcomer to the scene, Kelly is not your typical designer.  Formally educated in Law, her desire to create prompted her to abandon her previous life as a lawyer to pursue her passion.  Her legal background, coupled with her unapologetic attitude gave her a unique no-nonsense problem-solving approach to her designs. 

Inspired by her adventurous lifestyle and motivated by her uncompromising attitude and belief that form, function and quality are not mutually exclusive, Kelly designed THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION to fill a void in the market after having the personal experience of being unable to find a waterproof bag that suited her modern urban wardrobe. 

"I love to travel. I love the outdoors. I also love city life. Living between rainy Vancouver and Hong Kong during typhoon season, I would often find myself caught in unexpected downpours whilst on a walk with my dog or on the motorbike. I desperately needed a bag that could adapt to my active lifestyle without compromising my personal style and when I couldn't find it, I made my own.”