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Posted by Kelly Chan on


Like its name suggests, dry bags are waterproof bags designed to keep your things dry. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just someone who lives in a rainy city, dry bags are an essential tool to protect your belongings from getting wet from unpredictable elements.  Dry bags are an assurance and will guarantee your ease of mind.

There are, however, many bags on the market today that claim to be waterproof when they are merely water repellent or water resistant.  

Dry bags are typically made of Vinyl or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) coated fabrics such as Nylon or Polyester. The plastic coating makes the fabric completely waterproof and can not be penetrated by water. The bags are then constructed with ultrasonic welded seams and are fitted with waterproof zippers. Because there are no needle or zipper holes, the bags are completely waterproof and not just water resistant. Moreover, the roll-top closure, where the opening folds over on itself two or more times, keeps the bags air and watertight. 

Remember, if there are stitched holes where the body panels meet, it isn’t waterproof!

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